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What is Guitar Theory?

“What exactly is guitar theory?” Music Theory is all about finding patterns within music and understanding why things sound the way they do. Guitar Theory is how the guitar works, chord shapes, notes, tunings, scales and much more. It never hurts to learn a little bit more about music theory. Music Theory and Guitar Theory will definately make you a better musician and you will understand the mechanics of what you’re doing while your playing a song. You will also have a new appreciation for music. This section of GUITARMADEEZ.COM is strictly for little tidbits about guitar and music theory. Throughout this entire site, you will find bits and pieces of music theory and guitar theory mixed into the content. I personally believe that being a great musician is part knowledge of music theory and part playing with emotion or playing by "feeling". Check back to see updates having to do with Guitar Theory and Music Theory. Guitar theory should be a common understanding of how certain patterns can be applied to the guitar.

Circle of fifths explained

The Circle of Fifths is basically to the relationship between the twelve notes on the chromatic scale. The guitar Circle of Fifths is also nice to memorize because it acts as a good rule of thumb for soloing, scales, tunings and much more when it comes to playing guitar. This is theory at its best right here... Look at the relationship between a note on the right side and the same note on the left, they have the same sounds and are basically the same note, however they have different names depending on the relative notes. I myself don't refer to the guitar Circle of Fifths as much as I should, however, just make sure you understand the concept. 

Circle of Fifths explained relationship/patters:

Here's something fun to try.... Take simple chord, like a power chord for example. Find out all three notes of the power chord and what they're comprised of. For example, a G power chord is composed of G (the root), D and then G (the root). Now go to my Circle of Fifths diagram and draw a line from G to D to G. Now drawing the same lines, you can take those lines and start them on D for example. That will give you the notes in the D power chord. Basically my point is that this Circle of Fifths diagram will help you to see the similarities between the notes and how these notes and music theory in general is nothing but patterns. 

What is Guitar Theory, Circle of Fifths Explained

Guitar Chord Charts

Guitar Chord Chart


Guitar Chord Chart


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Hi Res Chord Chart