Has GuitarMadeEZ.com Helped You?



Everyday I recieve hundreds of comments, emails and messages from people all around the world on how GuitarMadeEZ.com and the GuitarMadeEZ YouTube Channel has helped them learn how to play guitar and how it’s inspired them how to play.

It is an absolute honor and priveledge to help anyone and everyone learn how to play the guitar. I’m so grateful and thankful that I have this wonderful opporitunity using the internet to communicate with 15,000 of you daily and help each and everyone of you.

With GuitarMadeEZ.com site content, as well as currently 350+ videos, this has taken me literally thousands of man hours to put together and the cost of running the website, hosting, updates, guitar lessons is 100% out of my pocket which my primary career pays for. As GuitarMadeEZ gets more followers, subscribers and views, the costs go up. As I try to deliver more videos, lessons and guidance, I’m trying to find ways that this website will cover the costs so I can continue this hobby of mine that I love.

I’m finding that as time goes on and the more people watch my videos, download my reference material, etc, the more time I must work my primary job to help front the bill for my hobby (GuitarMadeEZ.com). Overall, This leads to fewer video lessons, less new content and less time I can help providing help to all of you online.

I ask that If GuitarMadeEZ.com has helped you, please make a small donation so I can comfortably keep creating new videos, taking song requests, answering questions and helping people learn to play the guitar. Anything helps and Thank you for you help.