Bob Marley Redemption Song – Guitar Lessons For Beginners

guitar lessons for beginnersFinally, the lesson everyone’s been waiting for,’s Guitar Lessons For Beginners presents – Bob Marley Redemption Song. The first time I had ever heard Bob Marley Redemption Song was in the move “The Beach” with Leonardo Dicaprio. There’s a scene where there’s a funeral on the beach for one of the characters in the movie and this song is played by another character on acoustic guitar… This song made the movie! Such a great scene. Check it out on YouTube if you’ve never seen it.

Anyways this is a another great Bob Marley song that captures so much emotion and is such an intimate recording. This song is definitely a timeless song. Checkout the Free Guitar Lessons For Beginners posts below that teach you exactly how to play this timeless hit.

A few interesting facts about Bob Marley Redemption Song

  • This song was the last single before Bob Marley’s death on May 11th 1981.
  • This song basically sums up everything that Bob stood for – freedom and redemption.
  • This was also the last song that he performed. He sung it on a stool at a show in Pittsburg in September 1980.
  • Both Johnny Cash and Joe Strummer covered this song


Redemption Song Guitar Chords And How It’s Played

The Redemption Song Guitar Chords are very basic. The Redemption Song Guitar Chords consist of G, Em, Am, D, C used with a basic strumming pattern and a few basic right handed techniques. He is basically down strumming a ton with his right hand and playing basic guitar chords with his left. Bob Marley strumming patterns are actually very simple, checkout the guitar lessons for beginners videos below to get it down. Any beginner can learn to play this song.

The intro of the song has been taught a ton of different ways. I actually slowed down the mp3 and listened to it very closely to figure it out. He actually plays it very differently than most people think, checkout the guitar lesson for beginners on the intro below to learn how to play it exactly right.

Bob also plays a little interlude that is quite unique – this is also taught in the guitar lessons for beginners videos along with the famous outro of the song.

Watch the video guitar lessons and I hope you dedicate just a little bit of time to this song, you’ll be surprise how fast you’ll learn it.

Here’s the Guitar Lessons For Beginners and Bob Marley Redemption Song Guitar Tab

Bob Marley Redemption Song Cover

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Bob Marley Redemption Song Guitar Lesson

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Bob Marley Redemption Song Guitar Lesson

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Bob Marley Redemption Song Guitar Lesson

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Bob Marley Redemption Song Guitar Lesson

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 Redemption Song Guitar Tab

I tabbed the redemption song guitar tab by ear. Click on the following link to get the redemption song guitar tab


How To Make My Guitar Sound Like Bob Marley’s

For Bob Marley Redemption Song, I would use any 6 string acoustic guitar with thick strings. Bob used thicker strings than most artists – you could probably get away with medium but if you want to get it exact, go thick. He also has been known to use Ovation guitars. There is actually video on YouTube of him playing this song with an Ovation guitar. He also played this song with his fingers but I usually play it with a pick. Just a few things to think about.

All in all, this is a great song to help you learn your guitar chords, a great song to help you work on your basic strumming patterns and just overall a great, timeless song that is a favorite for any guitar player. I hope you enjoyed my guitar lessons for beginners videos and let me know what you thought about this post and the videos. Also, if you want to learn how to play the guitar and need help, let me teach you! I’ll be your guitar teacher! All you have to do is read my ebook. It tells you everything! It’s everything that I did (and in that order)  to teach myself guitar! Definitely check it out! And don’t worry… there are more guitar lessons for beginners to come!

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