About GuitarMadeEZ.com


GuitarMadeEZ.com has been helping people learn how to play guitar since 2007.

GuitarMadeEZ was unintentially created in 2007 when Justin (Founder), posted a video of himself playing a guitar solo and uploaded it to his YouTube account to show a few friends.

“I had no idea of how many views the video was capable of and it was intended for only a small audience of my peers.”

Low and behold the video received a few hundred thousand views in a very short amount of time filling his YouTube account with hundreds of comments, messages and likes.

“I read the comments and the majority them were suggesting that I create a lesson on how to play the solo just like I did in the video. I listened to my viewers, started creating basic video guitar lessons, uploading them to my YouTube account and the rest was history”

GuitarMadeEZ.com has grown exponentially over the past few years. Now with millions of views, thousands of subscribers and hundreds of guitar lessons Justin continues to help people learn how to play the guitar and share his love of music with the online world.

“I just want to help people learn how to play guitar in it’s most basic form… If I can teach you one chord or one basic song through a 5 minute lesson, I’ve done my job. The sense of satisfaction you receive from realizing how easy guitar is and that you CAN do it will maintain your attention, build your confidence and show you that ANYONE can learn to play!

Growing up with little money, I was always told that I had no musical ability.

People negatively reinforced this suggesting I’d never be good at an instrument, that I wasn’t born with “The Gift” and I would never be a musician.

Sadly, I listened t them. Even worse every guitar video that I borrowed from my friend who could play was too advanced right off the bat, only focused on theory and was the furthest help from allowing me to learn the few basic songs I wanted to play.

When I finally saved up some birthday money, I soon realized that beginner guitar lessons at $30-60/hr – Another hurdle that would stand in my way, preventing me from learning.

I didn’t have the money but I had the Drive, Motivation, Will and Power… Why couldn’t I just teach myself?…

Today, I play in a band, improvise with friends, play for people at parties, will pickup random guitars at friend’s homes and rock out, impress people with playing popular music and made my dream come true with taking it upon myself to learn this great passion of mine.

There’s hope for everyone, I’M LIVING PROOF!”

Justin currently plays in a band, lives in Arizona and dedicates the majority of his free time away from his career to teach people how to play the guitar and share his love for music with the world.