Since 2007, has helped thousands of people learn to play the guitar. With millions of YouTube views, and thousands of loyal subscribers, has been virally exploding on YouTube with free guitar lessons from blues, classic rock, oldies, pop, country and today.

The Goal is to keep guitar players: MOTIVATED, COMMITTED and most importantly INTERESTED. If any one of these areas is lost, players will soon stop trying, lose interest, place the guitar back in the case under their bed and completely throw in the towel. Unfortunately, this is what happens to 90% of people who try learning to play the guitar.

“We would rather you jump right in and start working on your favorite song than focus on music theory and reading sheet music; the grunt work that pushes most people away right off the bat.”

Our philosophy is “It is better to learn the song that inspired you to learn to play to guitar in the first place than to overload your “newbie” head with knowledge that will overwhelm you and destroy your motivation. We don’t want to force you to practice, we want you to want to practice! We realize that most people have low attention spans and that if they don’t receive gratification early in the learning process, they will soon give up.’s guitar lessons and instruction will always keep you motivated, committed, interested and inspired while showing you how easy it is to learn to play!”

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